Buying a new home is an exciting journey, but it’s crucial to remember the practical aspects that protect this significant investment. One such critical step is the 11-month home inspection, a cornerstone service offered by 3Sixty Home Inspections, designed to safeguard your home’s integrity and your peace of mind.

The Importance of an 11-month Warranty Inspection

An 11-month home inspection, conducted as your homebuilder’s warranty nears expiration, serves a dual purpose: ensuring your home’s systems and structures are performing as they should and identifying any deficiencies or defects that need addressing. This pivotal inspection serves as a safety net, as it catches issues that the initial build may have overlooked or that have developed over the first year of occupancy.

The transition from construction to full-time living can reveal many hidden flaws, from settling foundations to HVAC inefficiencies, plumbing leaks, or electrical problems. These issues, while often minor if caught early, can evolve into significant, costly repairs if left unattended. The 11-month home inspection aims to identify these potential problems before the homebuilder’s warranty expires, so it ensures that any necessary repairs are covered by the homebuilder.

Benefits of Choosing 3Sixty Home Inspections

Expertise and Precision: At 3Sixty Home Inspections, our team of licensed inspectors brings unparalleled expertise and attention to detail. We understand the intricacies of new constructions and the common issues that can arise. Our trained inspectors scrutinize the nooks and crannies, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your home’s condition.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that a professional has thoroughly inspected your home and identified any issues can provide immense peace of mind. With 3Sixty Home Inspections, you can rest assured that you’re not alone in navigating the complexities of home maintenance and warranty claims.

Cost Savings: Identifying and addressing issues under the homebuilder’s warranty can result in significant cost savings. Without a detailed inspection, these defects could go unnoticed until after the warranty period, leaving you responsible for the repair costs. Our warranty inspection service uncovers these issues, ensuring that your home remains a source of joy, not a financial burden.

Documentation and Support: 3Sixty Home Inspections provides a detailed home inspection report of all findings, complete with high-quality photos. This documentation is invaluable when negotiating repairs with your homebuilder. Moreover, our team is here to provide guidance and support, helping you understand the findings.

Ensuring Every Nook and Cranny is Covered

Choosing 3Sixty Home Inspections and our Tampa Bay home inspectors for your 11-month warranty inspection means entrusting your home to experts who care about your investment as much as you do. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness, ensuring that each aspect of your home is evaluated.


The 11-month home inspection is a crucial step in the home ownership journey, offering a final opportunity to utilize your homebuilder’s warranty and address any issues that could affect your home’s value and safety. With 3Sixty Home Inspections, you gain a partner committed to protecting your investment and ensuring your home is everything you dreamed it would be—and more.

Don’t let your warranty expire without giving your home the comprehensive check-up it deserves. Let 3Sixty Home Inspections help you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing every corner of your home has been inspected by the best in the business.


What Exactly is an 11-month Home Warranty Inspection?

An 11-month Home Warranty Inspection is a comprehensive check-up of your new home, conducted before the builder’s 1-year warranty expires. It aims to identify any defects or issues that emerged during your first year of occupancy. This inspection covers everything from structural elements and mechanical systems to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, ensuring any necessary repairs are made under the warranty.

Why Should I Get a Home Warranty Inspection if My Home is New?

Even new homes can have hidden defects or issues that may not be immediately apparent. These can range from construction errors to components failing prematurely. Getting a home warranty inspection ensures that you identify such problems while you can still fix them under the builder’s warranty, potentially saving you thousands in future repairs.

Can’t I Just Do the Inspection Myself?

Whether a seasoned homeowner or first-time homebuyer, many issues require the trained eye of a professional. Licensed home inspectors have the expertise to identify less obvious defects and understand building codes and standards. They provide an objective and comprehensive home inspection report that is difficult to achieve with an untrained eye, ensuring you have the full picture of your home’s condition.

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