As a buyer, knowing the difference between the various inspections and how they can benefit you is crucial. Wind mitigation inspections are another useful assessment tool, especially for properties located in areas prone to hurricanes and high winds. 3Sixty Home Inspections offers a multitude of inspections, and wind mitigations are one of the two insurance inspections offered. The other being a 4-Point Inspection, which you can read more about here.

Understanding Wind Mitigation Inspections

Evaluation of a home’s resilience to the devastation wrought by high winds, such as those experienced in hurricanes and tropical storms, is the focus of a wind mitigation inspection. The roof, windows, doors, and overall building structure are the primary targets of this type of inspection because of their importance in preventing wind damage to the property. The primary objective of a wind mitigation inspection is to report the wind mitigation attributes of the home to obtain discounts on your homeowners insurance policy.

Critical Elements of a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Form and Material of Roofs

The ability of a house to withstand strong winds is highly dependent on the roof design and construction. Gable and flat roofs are more prone to wind uplift, while hip roofs are more resistant to wind uplift, all of which will be inspected during a wind mitigation inspection.

Anchoring the Roof to the Walls

Wind resistance is greatly affected by how securely the roof and walls are fastened together. Our 3Sixty wind mitigation inspector will look at the clips, straps, and other methods used to fasten the roof to the walls. Connecting the roof to the walls securely can prevent the roof from being blown off during strong winds.

Safeguarding Windows and Doors

Wind can easily break glass in windows and doors, causing further damage to the interior. Our 3Sixty Home Inspection inspector will determine if impact-resistant glass or protective shutters are installed on windows and doors.

As a buyer, why should you care about a wind mitigation inspection?

Potential buyers in hurricane-prone areas can benefit greatly from the information provided by a wind mitigation inspection. A wind mitigation inspection can help you decide whether to move forward with the purchase or to negotiate improvements with the seller by pointing out any potential weak spots. Homeowners insurance premiums can be reduced significantly by ensuring their home has wind mitigation features as many insurers will offer discounts to those policyholders.

Finally, homebuyers in high-wind and hurricane-prone areas should not be without a wind mitigation inspection. During the home-buying process, a wind mitigation inspection can help you understand a property’s resilience by focusing on key features and construction elements that protect against wind damage.

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